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Toril Camilla lowres

What is Life 1-5?

“Living is like going up a mountain: every time you go a little higher up, the view looks completely different.”
– Doris Lessing

The psychoanalyst Erik Erikson is known for his theory that divides the human life cycle into distinct periods of personality development, also frequently referred to as the “eight life stages”.

Erikson’s central thesis is that the progression from one life stage to another constitutes a challenge to one’s sense of perspective and predictability. You can lose the feeling of being in control of your life, and when this happens – if you feel that your earlier beliefs no longer apply – you experience it as painful.

If, moreover, these fateful changes occur as a consequence of events you have not personally chosen, your sense of failure is further reinforced. The result is crisis and a feeling akin to homelessness.

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