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"An artistically detailed and well executed work in a strikingly strong performance"
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"Earns standing ovation"
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"Brother makes a strong and heartbreaking impression"
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"The artistic duo Goksøyr & Martens still hit the spot with their reality theatre"
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A man experiences how his life falls apart, but is unable to ask his family for help. BROTHER (life # 3) investigates what it can be like to have a sibling who always has to come first.

Øyvind and his ten year old son walks towards the dock, but stops outside a kiosk where you can get a hotdog for only 25 Norwegian Kroner, which is really good. What is less good is that he is bound to find out that they have no place to live anymore. The man’s sister, who has a functional disability, has at the same time decided to move home to their mom – so her apartment is completely empty. Does that mean that everything can be solved – for everyone?

The performance is split into three parts. The first one will consist of walking around Oslo Central, and part two and three will be held at the main stage at Det Norske Teatret from a bird's-eye perspective.

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Bror 3


  • Script and direction
  • Sound design
  • Scenography
  • Light design
  • Scenography and production assistant
    Anja Petrovic Karlsen
  • Dramaturg
    Anders Hasmo
  • Photograpy
    Kim Hiorthøy
  • Stage manager
    Tine Smith-Hjelmerud
  • Dialogue editor
    Liana Degtiar
  • Props
    Øyvind Rustad Johansen
  • Assisting sound technician
    Krister Johnsson
  • Researcher
    Lisa Johansson Skjelbred
  • Producer Goksøyr & Martens
    Frida Skinner
  • Sound technician
    Vibeke Blydt-Hansen
  • Child sitter
    Fredrikke Folvik, Muhammad Mohamud
  • Production worker
    Gry Hege Espenes
  • Costume coordinator
    Lars Tommy Olsson
  • Casting Extras
    Stella Casting
  • Stage Master
    Bjørn Anders Widmark
  • Cast
    Oddgeir Thune, Agnes Kittelsen, Julie Moe Sandø, Marianne Krogh, Thea Lambrechts Vaulen, Maren Johanne Olufsen, Ingeborg S. Raustøl, Hilde Olausson, Jae Nyambura Karanja, Kadir Talabani, Kaia Varjord, Eivin Nilsen Salthe, Morten Svartveit, Casper Falck-Løvås, Kajsa Fanni Martens, Aya Aramis Sørbø, Wilmer Moe Sandø, Fred Borg, Lise Eger, Thorolv Stangnes, Bjørn Roger Hermansen, Haakon Aars, Ingeborg Marie Brekke, Christine Mungai

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