11 years

11 years card
"Shockingly good about child suicide"
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"Extremely high, incredibly close"
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"An important and particularly well-composed performance that should be listened to"
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A young teacher experiences that one of her students, an eleven year old girl, takes her own life. Now she is going to have a meeting with the girl’s parents and the school`s headmaster. In her bag, she carries something she had forgotten to tell them about.

11 YEARS is a story about love, loneliness and displacement of responsibility.Premiered on May 23rd 2017 at Det norske teatret, and will be performed again as part one of the pentalogy LIFE.

As part of the preparatory work for 11 YEARS, Goksøyr & Martens interviewed parents, children, researchers, lawyers and school – employees. The story takes place in a school yard and involves thirty children and seven grown up actors. The audience sits on a four-metre-high scaffolding that encircles the stage. Each has received a personal headset that conveys situations and conversations taking place in a classroom inside the school.

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  • Script & direction
  • Sound design
  • Stage design, costumes
  • Lighting design
  • Dramaturg
    Ingrid Weme Nilsen
  • Casting, extras
    Celine Engebretsen Stella Casting
  • Photographer/video
    Kim Hiorthøy
  • Stage manager
    Erlend Stamnes
  • Production worker
    Gry Hege Espenes and Benedikte Karine Sandberg
  • Props
    Ada Hesjevoll
  • Mask
    Katja Langer
  • Costumes coordinator
    Tommy Olsson
  • Sound technician
    Audun Melbye
  • Light technician
    Aleksander Kolstad
  • Stage master
    Johan W. Schioldborg
  • Child sitter
    Bolek Aleksandersson
  • Production assistant
  • Decorations coordinator
    Laila My Ananiassen
  • Workshop coordinator
    Beate Madsen
  • Researcher
  • Assisting lights designer
    Kyrre Heldal Karlsen
  • Producer Goksøyr & Martens
  • Cast
    Julie Moe Sandø, Oddgeir Thune, Heidi Gjermundsen Broch, Tuva Holen, Benjamin Haug Hagen, Casper Falck - Løvås, Mathea Josefsen, Sarah Bjørnebye, Amalie Stuve, Lea Mathilde Skar - Myren, Elina Panea Berg, Hannah Haslie Westenvik, Falk Karevold, Michael Rajaji, Teodor Ødegaard Jacobsen, Jørgen Dalby, Karl Albrigtsen, Mathias Jonstang Hordvei, Live Rabo, Mikkel Moen and Isak Mokkelbost Gran.
  • Cast soundtrack
    Agnes Kittelsen, Kjersti Dalseide and Jon Bleikli Devik.

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